Internal & External Vulnerability Assessment and Pen Testing


Internal & External Vulnerability Assessment and Pen Testing may be one of the most important information security initiatives an institution can undertake. Team SSTech is well known for top-notch internal and external assessment work, applying a combination of higher learning, industry-best software and an intimate familiarity with the systems that surround financial institution infrastructure to attain an informed and meaningful assessment. Our advanced abilities to communicate and impart knowledge to the client lends itself well to these assignments. Through the efforts of our highly-credentialed technicians who are tasked with evaluating and understanding the organization’s entire network topology and configuration landscape, clients are assured that Team SSTech delivers thorough assessments and analysis across all critical network assets. Our process and documentation measures give our clients complete confidence that the risk assessment is performed to the highest of standards. Assessment findings are re-validated, and all reports are presented in clear and concise language. Likewise, remediation advice is readily identified. Team SSTech always follows the client’s preferences in conducting internal and external assessment work, and maintains the common goal of providing repeatable methodologies that conform to regulatory guidelines.

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